Stone Setting Guide

There are several types of diamond or gemstone settings. A setting is the way a diamond is set on or into a ring or other types of jewelry. Depending on the look, size and shape of the gemstone, as well as the medium being used, various setting types are used to show off the stone. The five most popular types are Prong, Bezel, Burnish, Channel and Bead Setting.

Burnish Set Diamond

Burnish Setting

In a Burnish Setting the stone is place into the ring similar to bezel set but is typically flush. A burnished or rubbed edge hold the stone securely in place. It is best for smaller stones in wedding bands.


Prong Set Diamond

Prong Setting

In a Prong Setting the stone is placed on top of the ring and secured by three or more hooks or claws (typically four or six) which hold the stone in place. Commonly used for engagement rings and solitaires, it is the most popular type of setting. 


Bezel Set Gemstones

Bezel Setting

In a Bezel Setting the stone is placed into the ring with a small metal rim around the stone. This can be a full rim that wraps the whole stone or partial wrapping only two sides. This is the second most popular type of setting and is an alternative to prong set. 


Channel Set Diamonds

Channel Setting

In a Channel Setting the stones are placed into a channel in the ring. This type of setting is used for multiple, smaller stones often put into a band. This type of setting is also a great alternative to accentuate clean and crisp lines of a design.


Bead Set Diamonds

Bead Setting & Pave Setting

In a Bead Setting the stone is placed onto the ring but is secured by small beads (pave set is similar but uses smaller "beads").  Popular type for wedding bands and rings.