Genuine & High Quality Jewelry

AFFINE Jewelry has partnered with the finest jewelry manufacturing company in Los Angeles, California that solely produces jewelry products in the United States of America. That partnership allows us to confidently provide the promise of “quality jewelry at affordable prices.”

We also recognize the importance of exceptional service and craftsmanship. That is one of the greatest reasons we chose to partner with an experienced and established jewelry manufacturer who is local and has been servicing high end retailers and jewelry shops nationally for over 35 years. It substantiates our ability to extend those services to you and validates our promise to you. We take pride in knowing our integrity will not be compromised and that our customers will always receive the highest quality jewelry at the most affordable price made to order by a local supplier.

Rest assured that your purchase is made from fine metals, genuine gemstones and natural diamonds. What you buy is truly authentic. Whether it is gold, platinum, silver and/or diamonds and gemstones, we strive to provide you the best we can offer.