Why Is It That We Love Jewelry?

Ever since the dawn of time, we have sought the beautiful, the rare and the elegant. But more importantly we have sought to articulate our emotions through the creation of jewelry to signify a deeper awareness that otherwise may be difficult to express. 

In early times this might have meant feathers and shells made into necklaces or carved painted wood or river stones sewn into leather. No matter the material, there is no doubt what has influenced the creation of new and beautiful jewelry today. The desire to attain social status, self-expression and ultimately love.

While many may not consider what a piece of jewelry communicates, it may be that they just enjoy the beauty of the precious metals or colorful gemstones used.

It's Brilliant!
Naturally, many of us are attracted to the new and radiant elements. When we find a unique piece of jewelry that just seems to fascinate us with the color of the gemstone or the unique design, it is hard to resist taking it for ourselves. There is just something about the dazzling, shiny gemstones that leave us breathless and excited with a desire to have it. 

It's Unique!
In this high fashion and competitive world there is an importance to making ourselves stand out and be noticed. Having something unique and different than everyone else helps make us feel special and important. It may even give us more confidence. 

Get Noticed!
One of the natural aspects of jewelry even from thousands of years ago was in the use of attracting the opposite sex. Our desire for a mate, love and relationships is an important part of our being human. This is true for both men and women. No matter why we are wearing jewelry, we all want to be noticed by a potential lover and stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to jewelry, and there are really so many reasons we love it, asking us why is really like asking why the sky is blue. We will always enjoy the wonderful beauty found in precious metals, gemstones and diamonds. Jewelry will continue to be an important part of our wardrobe for thousands of years to come.

It's Symbolic!
Throughout history jewelry has communicated many things, but most importantly it has and will continually tell unique stories of individuals who wear them.