How is There Different Color Gold?

Isn't all gold yellow? This is a question that comes up a lot as people are shopping jewelry especially wedding bands. There are several colors of gold available for consumers to fit their tastes or to compliment their skin color. The most popular colors of gold are white, yellow and rose (aka pink or red). 

While it is true that natural pure 24k gold is yellow, the color can be altered depending on what alloy metals are blended with it. 24k gold, which is 100% pure, can only come in yellow since it is natural. 14k gold, which is 58.33% pure gold, however, can be altered to other colors through adding the necessary alloy metals. 

The color change occurs with certain alloy metals added such as copper, which creates a reddish color, 

Though rare, some jewelry manufacturers have green gold and grey gold available through the same process. They simply use other alloys to achieve these colors. Though a little different process, intermetallic gold is not very good for jewelry since the color can wear off onto skin as well as be a bit more brittle, but in some cases it is used and creates a beautiful Blue or Purple Gold. There are two methods for creating Blue Gold for which the second can be a bit expensive though much more durable than the first. 

Lastly there is a Black Gold which is not really used in jewelry but in commercial settings like electronics. 

two tone wedding bandAs you can see there are much more ways to enjoy gold than just yellow. One of best ways to enjoy the colors for jewelry is in the beauty of two tone gold. This creates a unique and wonderful look that draws the eyes and stands out adding an elegance all its' own.