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  • What is Rhodium Plating?

    A common practice, often used on white gold, is adding rhodium plating to a piece of jewelry. You might find this mentioned from time to time as you are shopping for a white gold wedding band or silver jewelry. The question then is, what is rhodium plating and why do I need it?This is a great question.   [Read Article]

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    Comparing Platinum, Palladium and Gold for Jewelry

    When you are buying jewelry there are many things to be considered. One of the first things most buyers do when considering a purchase is the type of precious metal that they would like to have for it. The decision you make will determine important things like color, hardness, resistance to corrosion or wear, value and much more.   [Read Article]

  • What to Do and Not to Do for Jewelry Cleaning

    It is always heartbreaking to hear about someone who was cleaning a favorite piece of jewelry only to ruin it by improper method. Maintaining your jewelry and keeping it clean is not hard but it is important to follow some basic rules to ensure that it will last a lifetime and for generations.Preparation: Make sure you use a safe area. Cleaning your jewelry near a open drain such as your sink could be dangerous.Make sure it is away from pets.   [Read Article]

  • Jewelry Pricing Tips

    One of the top questions many people have when shopping for jewelry is, "How do I know if I am getting a good price?" This is a great question. While we may not be able to teach all the skills necessary to ascertain whether it is genuine, there are some fairly easy to do things to help you get a handle on what would be a good price. We have a simple list for you to follow:WeightThe weight of the metal in combination of the quality (karat if gold) will tell you how much it is worth if you were to...  [Read Article]

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    Wedding Rings & Beyond (New Affiliate)

    Visit our new affiliate website, Wedding Rings & Beyond. We are excited to announce this amazing new affiliate that is specializing in our men's wedding bands. They have a great area on education and how to pick the right wedding ring for you.    [Read Article]

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    How is There Different Color Gold?

    Isn't all gold yellow? This is a question that comes up a lot as people are shopping jewelry especially wedding bands. There are several colors of gold available for consumers to fit their tastes or to compliment their skin color.   [Read Article]

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